“Smekalka” is a Russian word,
which means an inventive turn of mind
It’s what helps us to think outside the box
and choose the best course to make incredible things real
That's what we do

Mike Sokolov
Product & Technology Monster
The world is full of noise and chaos.<br />And all the marvelous things are obscured.<br />This is a real mystery.
Vadim Patsev
User Experience Head
The challenge is to get the gist of that jumble.<br />It's like looking for a needle in haystack.
Sergey Shulenkov
Epic Analyst
Product is the quintessence of purpose and value.<br />That's what make it needful.
Ilya Novikov
Product & Marketing Ninja
But that all is mediocre without beauty.<br />Because beauty is the embodiment of viability.
Dmitry Bulantsev
Chief of Operations
We reunite all these essential elements into perfection.<br />That's why the products we make are appreciated.
Joy of insights
Ideas feasibility
Technology validation
Inconvenient truth
Promising facts & numbers
Ultimate aesthetics
Visual & visionary
Tangible things
Getting wow things done
Creative hacking
Multiversal & platform agnostic
Quality-centric performance addiction
Behavioral economics
Demand creation
Big boom promo
Meaningful relationships